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Themes Collection allows you to:

  • Download and install additional themes;
  • Exchange your own themes with other AlbumCreator users;
  • Purchase new themes from FirmTools.

How to download and install an additional theme

  1. Click the "Download" button of the needed template;
  2. You may be asked for your login name and password (Why do I need to sign-in?);
  3. Select "Open" option in the File Download dialog;
  4. Template will be installed automatically by the FirmTools Configuration Utility.
  5. In case you'd like to save the template for a later use please select "Save" option in the File Download dialog. To install the template: just double-click the file with THM extension.

If the THM file extension is broken and other program starts when you open the template file you should repair the association performing the following steps.

Repair the THM file extension association:

  1. Right click on the downloaded file;
  2. Choose "Open with" command in the context menu;
  3. Choose the "setupcomp" option if present or "Choose program" if not;
  4. Browse to the AlbumCreator installation folder (usualy "C:\Program Files\FirmTools\Album Creator\") and select the "setupcomp.exe" file;
  5. Click "OK" to close all open dialogs.

The correct THM association should now be restored. You can double-click the file to install the template.

How to add your own theme to the Collection

Please use the special utility "thmpack.exe" (located in the AlbumCreator installation folder) to create a packed template file. Copy the utility into the theme folder and execute it. Created THM file is ready for publishing to the Collection.

  1. Sign-in to the Themes Collection;
  2. Click the "Add" button;
  3. Fill-in the needed information and all required fields in the form;
  4. Click the "Add" button to upload the template.

Please note, new templates are pre-moderated and appear only after the moderator approval.

How to purchase a new theme

Some of the templates we are releasing are not free to download for the Lite and Basic version owners. Pro version owners can download all templates for FREE.

In order to download a paying template you should have enough "points" available on your FirmTools.com account. You can receive the points on your account by purchasing FirmTools cards (each point cost is 1 USD/EUR).

Once the template is purchased it (as well as all its future updates) can be re-downloaded at any time without any deductions from your account.

Pro version owners are able to download all our themes for FREE! There is no need to purchase and activate cards.

Why do I need to sign-in?

If you are downloading a non-free template, then we have to check the available points on your account or whether you are a Pro version owner.

If you'd prefer not to be asked each download attempt then please enable permanent authorization while signing-in (you have to enable cookies in this case).

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